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the home of Fairtrade and Organic dried fruits, nuts and snack bars. We have won lasting markets for developing country farmers for more than 20 years. We pay fair prices in advance, develop and market farmers' products, run our own UK factory and share useful technology and experience with our overseas partners.


Welcome to Tropical Wholefoods,

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"My son came back from Hayfest after being on the media team with a bag of your dried mango. I've loved putting it in milk for an hour then blending it- it makes such a creamy milkshake which tastes good but without so much of the shop bought sugars in..."

... Thank you Nicky! award Tropical Wholefoods gold and silver

Tropical Wholefoods mango, bogoya banana and tamari roast apricot kernels have been awarded gold and silver awards by the expert-parent panel of taste testers courtesy of - we're so pleased! Read the reviews below...

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Top Customer Comment

Organic Certification - Uganda

Unfortunately our partner organization in Uganda has had their organic certification put on hold pending some administration issues with the farmer groups. Whilst our partner works to resolve the issue, we have started to import bogoya banana, chewy banana chips and pineapple as non-organic. We are keen to minimise the loss of income for the organization and farmer groups and also to keep our products in stock for our customers. The products remain exactly the same, as does the Fairtrade certification, and we hope to return to organic certified stock as quickly as possible.