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the home of Fairtrade and Organic dried fruits, nuts and snack bars. We have won lasting markets for developing country farmers for more than 20 years. We pay fair prices in advance, develop and market farmers' products, run our own UK factory and share useful technology and experience with our overseas partners.


Welcome to Tropical Wholefoods,

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"Hi! I just received a large order I made from you guys and Can I Say: Your roasted apricot kernels are amazing! They're not as dense as almonds, but are similar but smaller and sweeter and just perfect. So, SO SO good. I'm so glad I decided to buy a bag to try. Oh my god it's amazing. Thank you!!!!!"


... Thank you Anna!

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Apricot Kernels Are Back and Now On Sale!

We're excited to be able to re-introduce apricot kernels back into the range. The Fairtrade organic kernels, available in natural roast, can now be purchased in a 400g Bargain Bulk Bag. Apricot kernels are deliciously nutritious as a ready to eat energy snack or scattered on salad.  They are widely eaten by the famously long-lived mountain people of Northern Pakistan.  Get your bargain bulk bag ON SALE here.