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Parwan Raisin Producer Cooperative picture gallery

Parwan Province, Afghanistan

Pashto, Dari

750,000 (Parwan Province)

Sunni, Shia Islam

172 out of 189 countries


The Taliban, Opium Poppies


Some of the languages:

Population Size:


HDI Ranking:

Main Economic Activity:

Best Known For (sadly):

Sourced from Parwan, Afghanistan

The Parwan Raisin Cooperative in Afghanistan is four years old and so far has 300 member farmers whose families have worked the land for many generations. Their vineyards are located on the Shomali Plain. Just North of Kabul, the Plain is known as the "Garden of Kabul" because of its ability to produce sweet and abundant produce. During the toughest of the fighting, some farmers were forced to abandon their farms but they returned as soon as they were able to with the hope that future generations will continue to work the land.


Agricultural extension officers from Mercy Corps - together with staff from Tropical Wholefoods, Adam Brett and Richard Friend -  have worked with PRPC to help them develop high quality raisins for sale in the UK.  Vine trellising and grape drying on mats are just two of the key interventions at farm level which have improved quality and yields.  Tropical Wholefoods has also worked with two different local processors to ensure that the cooperative's raisins are washed and graded to the highest of European quality standards for export, and that any problems arising at processing level can be traced back and solved at farm level.


Recently, Sainsburys Fair Development Fund, administered by Comic Relief have given grant funding to assist the further expansion of the Fairtrade Raisin exports from PRPC

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Lovely, sweet Fairtrade raisins. Ideal for snacking or for baking.

Lovely, sweet Fairtrade raisins. Ideal for snacking or for baking

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which takes you from the vineyards of Parwan through all the stages of processing that the raisins go through to them finally being sold in the Oxfam shop  in Durham.

Spicy Beef Stew

This recipe always impresses and is very easy to cook.

North African Salad

The warm spices in this salad go so well with the sweetness of the carrots and raisins, nicely finished off with the nutty apricot kernels.

Kate has this for breakfast most days!. Very easy to make and yummy!

Make your Hot Cross Buns Fairtrade with our Afghan raisins. Delicious toasted and buttered.

Hot Cross Buns


Shibit Pilau

Chutni Gashneez

From Helen Saberi's book,Afghan Food & Cookery. Saffron, raisins, lamb and green dill are typical Afghan flavours.

From Helen Saberi's book,Afghan Food & Cookery.  This relish is lovely with pilau, kebabs and samosa.

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Cooking with Raisins

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A short video

Fairtrade raisins

Fairtrade raisin snackpacks

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