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Fairtrade organic dried mango is the perfect addition to healthy lunchboxes and great food for walking or taking camping.  Once opened, store the mango in an airtight container and it will last for ages.  The dried mangoes are 100% free from preservatives or added sugars.
Organic Dried Mango
Fairtrade and organic snack bar packed full of flavour made with 35% dried fruit and with Tropical Wholefoods delicious apricot kernels (the apricot seed.). Soft bite. No artificial additives, colourings or preservatives. Suitable for vegans. Great food for healthy lunchboxes and for an energy boost
Apricot & Raisin Bar SALE 25% OFF
Hidden inside every apricot stone is a kernel, the apricot seed, deliciously nutritious as a ready to eat energy snack or scattered on salad. Lightly roasting with tamari soy sauce * enhances their gorgeous nutty flavour. Apricot kernels are rich in mono and polyunsaturated fats and fibre and are widely eaten by the famously long-lived mountain people of Northern Pakistan.   (Certain apricot trees produce bitter apricot kernels which when consumed produce cyanide at levels which could prove toxic. Other trees produce sweet apricot kernels. Tropical Wholefoods Fairtrade apricot kernels are the sweet apricot kernels meaning they carry no risk of toxicity and you can eat up to 350g a day.) Apricot kernels are available in 50g bags and multibuys of 4 and 10 bags. * gluten free.
Apricot Kernels - Tamari
Bogoya bananas have been hand sliced and sun dried in solar driers. They are 100% free from added sugar and preservatives. They have a deep, almost toffee like flavour which is extremely delicious! "Bogoya" is the Ugandan name for the variety of banana they are made from. Our retail packs do not yet show Fairtrade and Organic marks, but infact all our Bogoya bananas are Fairtrade and Organic certified.  Fairtrade Organic packaging for Bogoya will be used as soon as possible. 30g of our banana slices makes up one of your 5 a day fruit portions, and the dried bananas are also a source of dietary fibre. Because they are dried at temperatures lower than 42C, bogoya bananas are suitable for a raw food diet.
Sun Dried Banana - Bogoya