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200g of Organic Fairtrade Cashew Nuts at a bargain price. The cashews originate in Burkina Faso from the same producer groups as our best selling mango, Gebana Afrique, and are partially supplied from the Comic Relief funded cashew project headed by our Tropical Wholefoods field team. Cashew nuts are a popular snack and perfect for lunch boxes and adding to savoury recipes. The organic cashews are 100% free from preservatives or additives.
Organic Cashew Nuts 200g - SALE 50% OFF!
200g of Fairtrade Cape Gooseberries at a bargain price. The cape gooseberry has many names, often known as physalis, goldenberry and incaberry. In Uganda, where the sharp/citrusy fruit is grown, they are called entuutu and are inter-cropped with banana trees. Learn more about cape gooseberries with a short video on our youtube channel here:
Cape Gooseberries (Physalis) 200g - SALE 50% OFF!
Hidden inside every apricot stone is a kernel, the apricot seed, deliciously nutritious as a ready to eat energy snack or scattered on salad. Fairtrade organic  Apricot kernels are widely eaten by the famously long-lived mountain people of Northern Pakistan.  Natural roast apricot kernels are available in 400g bargain bulk buy.
NEW Organic Apricot Kernels - Natural Roast 400g - SALE 50% OFF!

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