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Pure revival! This medium roasted coffee has been naturally decaffeinated without chemicals. Shamelessly indulge your passion for the best tasting coffee whenever the fancy takes you. 100% Arabica. Grown by women farmers.
EE Organic Decaffeinated Medium Roast Coffee
The perfect pick me up! We've blended high quality organic beans from UNICAFEC, Peru and CEPCO, Mexico and roasted it dark for a deep bodied and velvety smooth flavour. 100% Arabica. Grown by women farmers.
EE Organic Dark City Roast Coffee
Rich, dark and gorgeous! If you like your coffee with a kick, this blend of high quality organic Peruvian Arabic and Indian robusta is perfect for you. Roasted beyond the edge of darkness this rich, modern blend is oily to touch and full of flavour. 75% Arabica, 25% Robusta.
EE Organic Italian Roast Coffee
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